Why Canada?

Canada is the ideal destination for international students.  The English spoken in Canada is very standard and easy to understand, so it's a good place for students who speak English as a second language.

There are many reputable English schools in Vancouver and Toronto. Canadian post-secondary education standards are very high.  The University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver, for example, enjoys an excellent reputation around the world. Vancouver English Centre students often transfer to colleges and universities in Vancouver and other cities.

Besides the high-standard post-secondary educations, Canada is also well-known for its beautiful attractions, which include:

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Canadian Regions

The land of Canada is majestic and always changing: from the Atlantic, to the Pacific and to the Arctic ocean; from endless forests of towering evergreens to the sky-scraping Rocky Mountains; from thousands of sparkling lakes and rivers to the natural wonders of the Canadian north; and from quiet, pastoral countryside to the hustle and bustle of our teeming cities. Canada is a dynamic and sensuous experience.

Canada is a diverse panorama, but no more diverse than the people who have built the nation. From the many aboriginal nations across Canada to people from every ethnic background and walk of life who, throughout its history, have chosen Canada as their new home. It is a country where everyone can partake in the freedom, beauty and prosperity Canada has to offer, while celebrating and maintaining their own rich, cultural traditions.

About Canadians

Wherever you travel in Canada, you will find a warm-hearted welcome. Canadians feel a quiet pride in their country, but one which they share willinglywith visitors. They have an unshakeable determination to protect their natural environment and to keep their communities clean, safe, and vibrant places to live.

Indeed, this profound desire to protect their many blessings is a major reason why the United Nations, year after year, has selected Canada as the best place to live in the world. Once you have had a taste of what Canada has to offer, you will understand why Canadians are so proud of this great land. Visit once, and you will want to come back again and again.

Western Canada - British Columbia

British Columbia (B.C.) is the preferred destination for international students who come to Canada to study English. This is partly because of the large number of English language schools in Vancouver, B.C.

The variety of the sightseeing attractions in B.C., however, would be a good enough reason to visit B.C. Consider the magnificent blooms of the Butchart Gardens, or the impressive displays in the Royal British Columbia Museum in Victoria. Experience the 1,000-acre old-growth forest of Stanley Park just minutes from downtown Vancouver, or the hands-on science displays and Imax Theatre of Science World. It may be the irresistible lure of the mountains and their massive glaciers found in many of B.C.'s Provincial and National Parks, a leisurely cruise up the famed Inside Passage, the wineries of the Okanagan Valley, or the historic gold-rush town of Barkerville that first bring you to B.C.

No matter what you come here for, you'll undoubtedly discover that once is not enough! It will take many return visits before you come to understand the true scale and flavour of the province of B.C. From the excitement of bustling cities, to the solitude of a wilderness you thought you would never experience, British Columbia has it all!

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Vancouver has sports activities for everyone.  Whether you like skiing, sailing, golf, or fishing, you can do it in Vancouver - on the same day! Few cities in Canada - or North America - offer more sports activities than Vancouver.

-Canada has many natural attractions, including many beautiful beaches!-

Vancouver is one of the largest and nicest cities in Canada. Downtown Vancouver is on the edge of English Bay, a short walk from Stanley Park, the largest urban park in Canada. Tens of thousands of ESL students study English in Vancouver every year.

Vancouver English Centre

-Located on the edge of English Bay, Vancouver is one of the most scenic cities in Canada-.